Monday, December 17, 2012

President Bill Clinton at Dell World

I was fortunate to be invited to Dell World last week and I'll be writing more about some of the new products and services unveiled, especially as they relate to healthcare. I was quite happy to see that many of the sessions were livestreamed and made available around the world. The keynote address by Dell Founder Michael Dell and President Bill Clinton is well worth watching. It is very interesting to see the interaction between these two men who come from some different, although not diametrically opposed, political viewpoints. First Mr. Dell gave a rather quick overview of the company's repositioned business in the new economy, then the former President gave a lengthy speech discussing the importance of collaboration and how society needs to think more ab.out the future. One thing that was front and center as an enabler of innovation and collaboration: the Internet. I encourage you to watch the video of the keynote address and check out some of the other sessions at the DellWorldOnline website...

Check out President Clinton's cowboy boots ;-)