Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Healthcare Revolution Away From the Mainframe

Over ten years ago Intel launched the Proactive Health Research Project, a multiyear effort to bring ubiquitous computing to eldercare. Since that time Eric Dishman, an Intel Fellow and now general manager of the Health Strategy & Solutions Group, has been promoting healthcare innovation with a specific emphasis on home and community-based technologies and services for chronic disease management and independent living. He has often expanded on the concept initially proposed by Andy Grove in Fortune magazine where he described the "mainframe" era of healthcare. He said at the time, "It took us 50 years to move from the mainframe to personal computing, but health care needs to go through a similar transformation in ten years or less."

I riffed off of this a bit at the recent Dell Healthcare Think Tank entitled "The Future of Information Driven Healthcare," where I also described the launch of the HIMSS project within the Clinton Global Initiative, the Healthcare Transformation Project. With cloud services, mobile health technology and telemedicine advances, we may just be seeing a similar revolution in healthcare that the computer industry underwent. I think the Healthcare Transformation Project will help to spur this revolution...

Here is a TED Talk of Eric's where he discusses some of the ideas I referenced:

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