Friday, March 19, 2010

The Future of News: Digital Democracy

"The Future of News" is a 10-part series for public television where the best minds in traditional and new media meet to discuss the role of a free press in an ever-changing digital democracy. It attempts to highlight the emerging forms of news presentations and to emphasize the role of technological diversity in the modern media landscape. A common theme which runs through each show is the need for credible and verifiable news and information in a robust democracy.

On October 31, 2009 Aneesh Chopra, US chief technology officer, and Ellen Miller, co-founder of the Sunlight Foundation, discussed privacy, net neutrality and the digital divide.

The question which was a recurring theme was, "Who will control the channels of news and information on the Internet?"

• Aneesh Chopra on the Federal Register being online.

• Ellen Miller on technology allowing greater government transparency.

"The more we make available online, the more we hope third parties and others will help inform their constituencies."
— Aneesh Chopra

"Transparency through the technology... enables citizens and their government to actually have a conversation."
— Ellen S. Miller

About Aneesh Chopra

Aneesh Chopra is the chief technology officer and associate director for technology in the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy. He is the former secretary of technology for the Commonwealth of Virginia, and was managing director with the Advisory Board Company, a publicly-traded health-care think tank.

About Ellen S. Miller

Ellen S. Miller is co-founder of the Sunlight Foundation, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization which advocates openness in government through the Internet. She is a former deputy director of campaign at America's Future, publisher of, was a senior fellow at The American Prospect magazine.

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