Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NHIN Workgroup 3-16

The NHIN Workgroup met on March 16, 2010. The committee is working to create a set of recommendations for a policy and technical framework that allows the internet to be used for the secure and standards-based exchange of health information in a way that is both open to all and fosters innovation. This meeting focused primarily on the trust framework and the role of trust enabling organizations, while also touching on identity proofing and authentication. Another important discussion dealt with the implications of NHIN Direct for existing State HIE grantees planning efforts.

Understanding NHIN Direct will be very important to inform the work of states as they plan for HIE efforts. I love Dr. Fridsma's analogy: the NHIN Workgroup are providing the recipe (of specifications and services) that will allow the bakery (including state and local HIOs) to produce these delicious cakes of secure and meaningful exchange.

The audio is posted with the meeting slides below:


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