Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A world class rural Cancer Center

One thing that is unique about MCMC is the Celilo Cancer Center. That we have this incredible resource in our community is truly amazing. Celilo offers integrated therapies to all patients and their families such as acupuncture, massage therapy, and chinese medicine. Celilo believes in the integration of mind and spirit in healing the body.

The Dalles, Oregon has been blessed to have a world class cancer treatment center at Celilo with our Medical Director, Keith Stelzer, MD, PhD. Keith was Associate Professor in the Radiation Oncology and Neurological Surgery departments at the University of Washington and he continues as a Clinical Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology at UW Medical Center. Keith is a leading expert in the application of “intensity modulated radiation therapy” (IMRT), a technology that allows doctors to control the precise shape and direction of radiation beams aimed at cancerous tissue; this precise treatment improves treatment effectiveness and drastically reduces toxic effects on healthy tissues.

On the medical oncology side we have Samuel Taylor IV, MD, Steve Fu, MD, PhD, and Nina van Es, N.P. They use about 50 anti-cancer drugs used in chemotherapy, sometimes alone and sometimes in combination with each other. The effective treatment provided at Celilo uses the best technology and the brightest minds in healthcare available. It is absolutely amazing that we are able to provide these services in our community.