Friday, January 22, 2010

Ahier unplugged

For almost a year now I have been sipping from the firehose of data flow built around blogs, Twitter, YouTube, readers and plenty of email. It has been very interesting to watch ripples from the ebb and flow of events and information as they make their way across our collective consciousness. I have had access to the most brilliant minds in the world (you know who you are ;-) and some fascinating conversations. Many of the people I communicate with regularly I have yet to meet in real life, yet with some of you I have felt a very strong kinship.

In the morning I will be taking a trip into some of the beautiful wilderness areas around my home. Last year I would usually bring along my blackberry, my iTouch, my laptop and many of my little toys and gizmos which I could use. Sometimes I had to tether my laptop to my blackberry to set up a very spotty hotspot, and sometimes I was stuck using Twitterberry. Sometimes I was out of cell range for many hours. This time I am leaving it all behind!

I will be completely out of touch for four days without even my cell phone. This should be a good time for me to do some writing (with real pen and paper!) and to relax and think. I'm sure I will miss reading all the tweets, blog posts and articles that I gobble up every day. And when I get back it may take me a while to catch up with what everyone has been up to, but I'm actually looking forward to being off line for a while. So thank you for all of your data, information, challenging arguments and hilarious interactions. Have a great weekend and enjoy life...

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