Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New ONC Workgroups

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) has organized a workgroup (subcommittee) under the auspices of the HIT Policy Committee to move forward on a range of privacy and security issues. A new Privacy & Security Tiger Team will work over the next few months to address the requirements of HITECH and the needs of many new organizations created under that law. The Tiger Team is comprised of the following members from the HIT Policy Committee and the HIT Standards Committee as well as National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics:
  • Deven McGraw, Center for Democracy & Technology, Co-Chair
  • Paul Egerman, Co-Chair
  • Dixie Baker, SAIC
  • Christine Bechtel, National Partnership for Women & Families
  • Rachel Block, NYS Department of Health
  • Neil Calman, The Institute for Family Health
  • Carol Diamond, Markle Foundation
  • Judy Faulkner, EPIC Systems Corp.
  • Gayle Harrell, Consumer Representative/Florida
  • John Houston, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center; NCVHS
  • David Lansky, Pacific Business Group on Health
  • David McCallie, Cerner Corp.
  • Wes Rishel, Gartner
  • Micky Tripathi, Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative
  • Latanya Sweeney, Carnegie Mellon University
It is expected the work of the Tiger Team will be completed by late fall 2010.

The ONC has also organized to respond to a section of the Affordable Care Act which asks the HIT Policy and HIT Standards Committees to come up with a set of standards which would facilitate enrollment in Federal and state health and human services programs, including offerings by new health insurance exchanges. This might include standards for:
  • Electronic matching across state and Federal data;
  • Retrieval and submission of electronic documentation for verification;
  • Reuse of eligibility information;
  • Capability for individuals to maintain eligibility information online; and
  • Notification of eligibility
This workgroup is chaired by Aneesh Chopra, Chief Technology Officer, and Sam Karp, co-Chair, California Healthcare Foundation. The other members of this group are:
  • Cris Ross, SureScripts
  • James Borland, Social Security Administration
  • Kevin Concannon, U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Stacy Dean, Center on Budget & Policy Priorities
  • Steve Fletcher, CIO, Utah
  • Reed V. Tuckson, UnitedHealth Group
  • Ronan Rooney, Curam
  • Rob Restuccia, Community Catalyst
  • Ruth Kennedy, Louisiana Medicaid Department
  • Ray Baxter, Kaiser Permanente
  • Deborah Bachrach, Consultant
  • Paul Egerman, Businessman
  • Gopal Khanna, CIO, Minnesota
  • Bill Oates, CIO, City of Boston
  • Anne Castro, Blue Cross/Blue Shield South Carolina
  • Oren Michels, Mashery
  • Wilfried Schobeiri, InTake1
  • Bryan Sivak, CIO, Government of D.C.
  • Terri Shaw, Children’s Partnership
  • Sallie Milam, West Virginia, Chief Privacy Officer
  • Dave Molchany, Fairfax County
For a meeting schedule of all ONC upcoming meetings go here: ONC Calendar

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