Monday, November 8, 2010

EHR ~ Goin' Mobile

EHR Mobile applications that can be used on mobile devices such as the iPhone or Droid are in high demand by physicians, especially younger ones and tech savvy docs. At the NextGen User Group Meeting 2010 I had a chance to play with NextGen's latest mobile EHR. I have to admit I'm fairly impressed. With NextGen Mobile providers can make better medical decisions because they have quicker access to patient data, including labs, X-rays, and test results right on their mobile device. Nurses are even more enthusiastic about the solution, because providers no longer have to depend on them to access clinical information, and they have more time to spend with their patients. The feedback from clinical staff has been remarkable. And NextGen mobile also runs nicely on the iPad. There certainly needs to be an app developed that runs natively on both iOS and Droid, but so far NextGen has done a decent job of bringing something quickly to market running in the browser - and this is a vast improvement over what they had a year ago. The new NextGen Mobile EHR seems really optimized for smartphone use.

While at the conference I have been seeing some nice developments and I'm really looking forward to Farzad Mostashari's keynote presentation tomorrow. More on that later... Today I was able to get a behind the scenes peek at NextGen Mobile; however, in order to use any of the content I had to include a disclaimer (see below) to avoid running afoul of any FTC rules. So don't make any investments based on what you read here - which is probably really good advice anyway! I have never been paid to write anything, and I am going to keep it that way. So all that being said below is a video that explains the product:

So some of the features that are retrieve and view only are: patient lookup, where you can view patient demographics, histories, procedures, medicines, and allergies; appointments, where you can see the schedule for today, last week or next month; and orders & lab Results, where you can view patient’s unsigned, signed-off, and lab tests ordered. You can also document phone calls and view, prescribe, renew, update medications. There is a comprehensive medication module with functions including ePrescribing, and a custom Sig builder. You can view add, update, review, and remove patient allergies, procedures and both resolved and unresolved diagnoses. You can also view completed tasks by task groups, accept or reject received tasks, link attachments or patients to a task. Overall, tis product is going to make a lot of current NextGen users pretty happy and I suspect will also be a good selling point for those providers that are looking for mobile functionality when choosing an EHR. As Jeff Brandt is fond of saying, ""Smartphones will one day be the remote control for our healthcare." And vendors are finally starting to catch on...

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