Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stopping Internet Pirates

There has been much written about the legislative efforts called SOPA and PIPA. One of the best discussions on the subject is on Tim O'Reilly's Google + feed. The outcry over this terrible piece of legislation is one of the most effective grassroots campaigns I've ever seen. Citizens took to social media platforms, many websites protested throughout the day, and Congress listened. Several members of Congress switched their position. Despite powerful lobbying forces in Washington, D.C. attempting to guide this legislation through, the chances of it passing, or the President signing it are quite dim. So chalk on up for the good guys and the power of social media! There is a better way to deal with foreign websites who are trafficking in pirated content than infringing on the liberty and freedom of American citizens.

As reported in the Los Angeles Times the SOPA protests led 8 million Americans to look up representatives in Congress. Google reported 4.5 million people had signed its petition asking lawmakers to reject SOPA/PIPA. Twitter said 2.4 million SOPA-related tweets were sent in the first 16 hours of the day Wednesday. Below is an interesting YouTube video of a protest held in at the San Francisco Civic Center Jan. 18, 2012. Angel investor Ron Conway, Internet Archive co-founder Brewster Kahle and MC Hammer spoke out against SOPA.

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