Friday, July 19, 2013

Health Data Revolution

"In the next twelve months there is going to be the most dramatic democratization of access to health information that we've seen ever."

SiliconANGLE interviewed Farzad Mostashari, MD, the National Coordinator for Health IT at the 2013 MIT Chief Development Officer Information Quality Symposium which had the theme "Big Data Demands Good Data." Dr. Mostashari gave a nice overview of the EHR incentive program and what is meaningful about meaningful use. There was also a recognition of the need for advanced analytics that leverage increasingly large sets of high quality data to help ensure that care outcomes, costs, and quality of service delivered are trending in the right direction.They had a wide ranging discussion from health reform to healthcare technology, and it is well worth time to watch.

In healthcare we talk a lot about quality data - data about healthcare quality - but there has been a great deal of discussion, now that we are beginning to aggregate massive health data sets, about data quality - the quality of the data. They have held these CDOIQ Symposiums since 2006, and I am glad this one is now on my radar. You can also watch a bunch of other fascinating interviews and conversations on the SiliconANGLE YouTube page from this conference and many other excellent gatherings.

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