Friday, October 23, 2009

How will Twitter make money?

At the Web 2.0 Summit John Battelle had a chat with Twitter CEO Evan Williams to discover Twitter's plan to make money. He started off the with the question, "Everybody wants to know what your revenue model is going to be. So, what is your revenue model going to be?" The answer was not forthcoming...

When asked if he had second thoughts about not selling Twitter he said, "I didn't see a reason to sell if that opportunity would have presented itself because ... it's not the point. The point is really to see what we can build. ... The number of interesting things we can do with Twitter is endless. It blows my mind, and that doesn't get more interesting by making it part of a bigger company."

"Twitter is not a social network, it is an information network," he said. He did not seem to think that Twitter directly competed in the social network space. "The world is big enough for Facebook and Twitter, and fundamentally I think they're good at different things," Williams said. Whatever Facebook does, it won't mean the death of Twitter, he added.

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