Tuesday, February 2, 2010

White House Calls about President's FY11 Budget

Join the White House telephone conference briefings occuring this week to discuss the President's proposed FY2011 Budget.

The briefings cover specific topics of potential interest to different segments of the nonprofit sector.

In the past, these briefing calls typically have lasted about an hour, with the first half devoted to presentations by Administration officials and the second half reserved for questions. Please feel free to call in to learn more about the President's budget proposal that the Administration is sending to Congress.

The White House encourages people to dial in a few minutes early to ensure participation in the entire call. Please note the call times are Eastern Standard Time.

Tuesday 2/2/10

11:00AM Technology and IT Investment (800) 230-1951 Confirmation Number: 145414

2:00PM Health Care (888) 276-9996 Confirmation Number: 145415

2:30PM Environment and Natural Resources (800) 230-1059 Confirmation Number: 145416

3:00PM Rural (800) 553-0327 Confirmation Number: 145417

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