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Who's Who at the ONC

I have been generally very impressed with the efforts at implementation of government 2.0 principles, but here is one area where there needs much greater transparency at the Office of the National Coordinator and this in listing their staff and contractors. To avoid the impression that identities of personnel and contractors are being withheld from the public to prevent the public from knowing who they are and what their past and present affiliations might be, the ONC should immediately release contact information and titles for all the staff. (Update 5/28/10 - much of this information has now been released).

HHS does have a listing of public employees. Unfortunately the ONC is not in this list. However, doing some creative searching I was able to create the following list with active links to their contact information pages. But, alas many of the titles are blank, much of the data are outdated, and there seems to still be some missing data.

Last name First name Job title
Alvarez Juan
Andriesen Brett
Anozie Emily Administrative Assistant
Anthony Elise Policy Advisor
Arbogast Carol Director Human Resources
Ashkenaz Peter
Baker Alexander Project Officer
Barnes Michelle Administrative Assistant
Becker Targi Management Analyst
Black Erin
Bonner Tiffany Intern
Boone Edna Contractor
Borja Tom
Brooks Aja Policy Analyst
Brown Jennifer
Buchele Libbie
Bundy Yvette Management Analyst
Butler Tiffany
Cao Yolanda
Caton-Peters Helen Information Technology Specialist
Celentano Kristina
Chambers Cortney Program Analyst
Chaput Daniel Public Health Analyst
Charles Dustin
Chikatla Ruhana Executive Assistant
Choi Christy
Choi Mera Program Analyst
Chrapaty Kevin Contractor
Clark Asara Program Analyst
Colby-Elborn Sharon
Consolazio Michelle Program Analyst
Constant Monifa
Costa Bianca
Costa Catherine Innovator In Resisdence
Coughlin Brett Communications Specialist
Coy Caroline Presidential Management Fellow
Cramer Jennifer
Cronin Kelly Director Office of Programs and Coordination
Dandashi Fatma Contractor
Daniel James
Daniel Jodi Director of Policy and Research
Darbouze Farrah
Davis Seon Program Analyst
Day Chartese Supervisory Communication Manager
Day Wes
Dean Kevin
DeSalvo Karen National Coordinator
Digiacomo Nicholas Project Coordinator
Eckerman Ivy
Erickson Christina
Fowler Crystal Program Coordinator
Frazier Jennifer
Frazier Pavla Nurse consultant
Gabriel Meghan
Galvez Erica
Gettinger Andrew IPA
Ghebresillassie Lisa
Govan-Jenkins Wanda
Gray Aaron
Halloun Carmel
Hammond-Hatcher Deone
Haque Ahmed Director Office of Programs and Engagement
Haynes (Harris) Yvette
Hedgepeth Blair Legislative Liason
Heintzman Elizabeth Intern
Heisey-Grove Dawn
Himelright Michele Supervisory CAM (Acting)
Hogan Michelle Financial Analyst
Hollin Ilene Student Trainee
Holloway Jason
Hopewell D'Lisa
Hua Jiuyi IT Specialist
Hughes Penelope Intern
Hunt David Medical Officer
Ihlenfeld Matthew
Jain Trishla Intern
Jessup Larry
Johnson Janelle Intern
Johnson Patricia Executive Assistant
Jones Jerome Financial Analyst
Jones Michael Contractor
Justus Ralph
Kalbfleisch Gail Director FHA
Keesey Peter
Kendrick David Principal Investigator
Kenyon Kathy
Khan Kashif Project Manager
Khetan Vanitha Contractor
Kilgore Wendy
Klintworth Paul
Krishnamoorthy Sathiyanarayanan
Lamadine Beh Administrative Assistant
Larsen Kevin
Larson Eric
Lazzaro Victor
Leavelle Cannon Program Analyst
Lehrer Evan Intern
Lewis Lisa
Lipinski Michael Policy Analyst
Livingston Ebony Financial Analyst
Lueck Greg
Mactaggart Patricia IPA
Madlansacay Cheryl
Makar Ellen Program Analyst
Marchesini Kathryn
Marks LaShawn Management Analyst
Marshall Carmelita Summer Intern
Meklir Samantha Senior Policy Advisor
Mertz Kory Program Manager
Metcalf John Contractor
Meter Erin
Mock Tracey Program Manager
Mohla Chitra Management & Program Analyst
Monterastelli Mark External Entrepreneur
Moore Mary Executive Assistant
Moriarty Lana Director
Morrison Michael
Morton Alicia Director Health IT Certification Program
Muir Christopher Senior Program Analyst
Murphy Judy
Murray Michelle Program Analyst
Nelson Rachel Special Assistant to Deputy Nat'l Coordinator for HIT
Nguyen Ngoc Senior Developer
Norman John Program Officer
O'rourke Lena Contractor
Palena Hall Elizabeth
Patel Vaishali
Pazinski Seth Division Director Planning and Operations
Perlie Laverne Nurse Consultant
Perry Cynthia
Pinkney Rudette
Porotesano Charity Truman-Albright Fellow
Posnack Steven Policy Analyst
Prendergast Erin Intern
Pretto Marissa
Purnell-Saunders Scott Program Analyst
Rahn Matthew Program Analyst
Ramsey Arlene
Ramsey Jamil Contractor
Rancourt John Program Analyst
Reed Cinyon
Rego Susette Project Manager
Reider Jacob Director Chief Medical Officer
Reyes Natalie
Richie Lauren Public Health Analyst
Roberts Vernette
Ryan Caitlin Business Administrator
Samy Leila
Sarnowski Lisa-Nicole
Savage Lucia Chief Privacy Officer
Savoy Kimberly
Searcy Talisha Supervisory Social Scientist
Shanbhag Krishnakant
Shelton Leo Program Analyst
Shevlin David Junior Analyst
Shimabukuro John
Shkarovsky Gerald Program Management Office Functional Analyst
Showen Kristin Intern
Siminerio Erin Policy Analyst
Skipper Jamie
Stevens Lee Senior Program Analyst
Styma Amy Program Analyst
Swain Matthew
Szemraj Nancy Program Analyst OPC
Tate Algeria
Tavernia Kimberly
Taylor Tevon
Thomas Alice Contractor
Thomas Vincent IT Desktop Support Analyst
Thompson Lauren FHA Program Lead
Thompson-Teagle Yolonda Grants Management Specialist
Todd Nickol
Tomlinson Andrew Grants Management Specialist
Toro Cameline Policy Analyst
Townsend Sonya Administrative Assistant
Tumati Bheeshma Contractor
Tuten Paul
Wagner Steven
Walters Acheeria Briefings and Logistics Analyst
Wanis Maggie Program Analyst
Warner Keviar Contract Specialist
Wesley Ellen
White Jon Acting Director OCQS
Wiggins Davina Contactor
Wilburg Seon Management Analyst
Wilkins Tricia Project Officer
Williams Claudia
Wilson Douglas Contractor
Wilson Ryan Contractor
Wittie Michael Program Analyst
Wong Adam
Woodhead Amanda Sr. Stakeholder Outreach Coordinator
Wu Lauren Policy Analyst
Wyatt Gretchen Policy Analyst
Yuan Yuan Zhang Web Producer
I am very pleased with the additional information that is being provided on the ONC web site ~ Things are continuing to improve and I have updated the contact information below (updated 10/1/2010)

Federal Register Notice: December 1, 2009
Organization, Functions, and Delegations of Authority; Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology

Below are listed responsibilities for each office:

Office of the National Coordinator: Organization
Description of Organizational Structure and Offices
The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) is directed by the National Coordinator and is assisted by the Deputy National Coordinator for Operations, the Deputy National Coordinator for Programs & Policy, the Chief Scientist, the Chief Privacy Officer, and the Office of Economic Modeling and Analysis.
Within the Deputy National Coordinator for Operations are: the Office of Communications; the Office of Oversight; the Office of Mission Support; and, the Office of Strategic Initiatives.
Within the Deputy National Coordinator for Programs & Policy are: the Office of Policy and Planning; the Office of Standards and Interoperability; the Office of Provider Adoption Support; and, the Office of State and Community Programs.

The Office of the Deputy National Coordinator for Programs and Policy assumes functions previously performed by the Office of Health Information Technology Adoption, the Office of Interoperability and Standards, the Office of Adoption Provider Support, the Office of State and Community Programs, and the Office of Policy and Planning.  The new office will lead ONC programs related to health information exchange, regional extension centers, training of the health IT workforce, and the development of technical standards for interoperability, security, and certification of health IT systems.  The new office comprises:
  • The Office of Standards and Interoperability, with responsibility for standards, security, certification, the Nationwide Health Information Network, Federal Health Architecture and the CONNECT program;
  • The Office of Provider Adoption Support, which administers the Regional Extension Centers program and health IT workforce development;
  • The Office of State and Community Programs, which administers the state-level health information exchange program and the Beacon Communities Program; and
  • The Office of Policy and Planning, which is realigned to include all policy development, including privacy and security policy, and is liaison with legal affairs and legislative affairs, regulations development  and externally focused strategic planning.
The Office of the Deputy National Coordinator for Operations is responsible for activities that are vital to supporting ONC’s numerous programs and enhancing ONC’s ability to communication about health IT.  This office comprises:
  • The Office of Communications, which is responsible for stakeholder communications and constituency relations;
  • The Office of Mission Support, which supports day-to-day operations, including new grants processing, contracts management, budget execution and reporting, and human resources;
  • The Office of  Oversight, which assures oversight of grants, internal and external performance reporting, and auditing; and
  • The Office of Strategic Initiatives to oversee internal strategic planning, special projects, and budget formulation.
The Office of Economic Analysis and Modeling provides analyses to the National Coordinator, including advanced modeling of the U.S. health care system for simulating the micro- and macroeconomic effects of investing in health IT.
The Office of the Chief Scientist is responsible for research and for identifying innovations in information technology that can be applied in health care settings, and which will be the ONC interface for international activities.
The Office of the Chief Privacy Officer, a position mandated by the Recovery Act, advises on privacy, security, and data stewardship of electronic health information and coordinate ONC’s privacy and related efforts with similar privacy officers in other Federal agencies, State and regional agencies, and foreign countries.

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