Monday, May 24, 2010

NHIN University

Through its cooperative agreement NeHC supports ONC's efforts to disseminate information about the NHIN to interested parties and the broader stakeholder community. Part of these efforts are through the NHIN University. These have been some very useful free webinars on various topics. Today's class was "NHIN 104: The Trust Fabric of the NHIN: Making Exchange a Good Choice" and was one of the best explanations of the trust fabric I have seen.

The Presentation Slides are HERE, and the archive is HERE and the transcript will be available tomorrow.

I highly encourage everyone to view this material.

The previous classes are available below:

NHIN 101 - An Introduction to the Nationwide Health Information Network
NHIN 102 - Secure and Meaningful Exchange of Health Information over the Internet
NHIN 103 - ONC Initiatives for Health Information Exchange and their Continuing Evolution (NEW TITLE!)

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