Monday, August 31, 2009

Changing the Face of #HealthReform

In earlier posts I may have been mistaken when I predicted that health reform would not include tort reform. Former Democratic senator from New Jersey Bill Bradley's New Rork Times Op-Ed made the case that it might be good to combine universal coverage with tort reform. Mr. Bradley also suggested that medical courts with special judges could be established, similar to bankruptcy or admiralty courts.
It is obvious that the plans for reform proposed in the House will not make it through the Senate (even using the nuclear option). A form of incremental reforms may be the best chance going forward. A combination of Health Insurance Co-Op which provides universal coverage while also throwing a bone to conservatives on tort reform seems like something that might make it to the President's desk before Thanksgiving.

I know many of you may think I have gotten overly pessimistic, but I think I am being quite realistic.