Wednesday, August 12, 2009

#RAMLA - plugging health insurance gap

No @RAMLosAngeles does not mean The Rams will be playing football in LA again...

Watch this July 13, 2008 "60 Minutes: Remote Area Medical Finds It's Needed In America To Plug Health Insurance Gap" Video:

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Things have not changed much in healthcare since this report. And between August 11-18, 2009 Remote Area Medical is again bringing this incredible ministry to America, and for the first time it is in Los Angeles. "We're very happy to be here in Los Angeles,” said Stan Brock, founder of RAM. "Obviously, there's a very, very strong turnout of patients here. It's a real blessing to come out here to find people who are donating and volunteering their time."

About 1,500 people received tickets in the early morning hours allowing them to receive free healthcare. They started lining up outside the Los Angeles Forum several hours earlier. They will continue providing free medical, dental and vision care all week. Follow their work this week on Twitter at @RAMLosAngeles