Wednesday, August 5, 2009

CTO of the USA comes to Silicon Valley

Aneesh Chopra spoke to technology thought leaders on his first visit to Silicon Valley this past Tuesday evening. He was appointed by the President as the nation’s first Chief Technology Officer, with the mandate to promote technological innovation to help the country meet its most urgent priorities - from creating jobs and reducing health care costs to keeping our nation secure. Mr. Chopra spoke at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View at an event co-hosted by the Churchill Club, Center for Democracy & Technology, and TechNet.

He spoke about R&D collaboration, infrastructure, and education in the 21st Century. The USA is very advanced in technology, but our technological savvy "has not translated to global competitiveness and our public policy. It should be just as easy to get things going in government as in your personal life with things like Facebook or Twitter," said Chopra.

In one of the slides Chopra used President Obama is viewing the new Federal IT Dashboard, a new website enabling federal agencies and the general public to view details of federal information technology investments. "That's my boss," Chopra said with a chuckle.

Mr. Chopra gave a brilliant performance as you can see below. He is obviously very well qualified for this position, and I am glad that we have such capable hands at the helm with the siginificant challenges we are facing.