Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gov 2.0 Summit: Carl Malamud, "By the People..."

This was one of the absolute best parts of the Gov 2.0 Summit in my humble opinion...

Carl Malamud is the founder of Public.Resource.Org, a nonprofit that has been instrumental in placing government information on the Internet. Prior to that he was the Chief Technology Officer at the Center for American Progress and was the founder of the Internet Multicasting Service, where he ran the first radio station on the Internet.

As an open government pioneer he drew on his own experience changing the way numerous government agencies-including the SEC, Patent Office, Smithsonian, and our federal courts-publish their information on the Internet. He put the changes we are witnessing today into perspective, drawing on 200 years of American history and showing why access to the working of government by private citizens is crucial for our economy and for our democracy.

Be inspired and watch this video:

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