Monday, September 21, 2009

National Health IT Week

This is National Health IT Week from September 21-25, 2009. There will be events all week in Washington, D.C. Hopefully we can send a powerful message on the importance of fostering widespread IT adoption to improve the quality and affordability of healthcare in the U.S.

First initiated by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) in 2006, National Health IT Week is a collaborative forum where organizations with diverse perspectives work together toward the common goal of accelerating change to improve healthcare efficiency, quality, cost-effectiveness and patient safety.

To learn more about the HIMSS 8th Annual Policy Summit see this web site and get involved.

Many people are unaware that this is National Health IT Week. There are thousands upon thousands of health IT workers around the country that work quietly behind the scenes for the most part. Let one know that you appreciate them today :-)